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Improving Your Marriage

Not long ago, I conducted marital research on spouses in over 200 different marriages as part of my doctoral dissertation. The purpose of this research was to identify the relationship ingredients necessary to achieve marital satisfaction. This article is the first of a series in which I will share with you the results of this research. Below are six categories of behaviors which can lead a couple to marital satisfaction or bust!

Some spouses manage conflict by habitually giving in to the wishes of their mate, regardless of their own feelings. While on face value this seems like a peaceful tactic, it generally results in built up anger which will surface in some other destructive way. In other relationships, conflicts are resolved through bullying behavior which often turns from verbal to physical violence. When conflicts escalate into domestic violence, they leave permanent scars on the relationship.

In short, marriage is teamwork and when team members take good care of each other, the rewards are great. Take a few minutes to review these six categories with your partner. Together, you may be able to make your new year’s resolutions come true!

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