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When Kids Make Mistakes

Being a parent (or grandparent) is a very complex matter these days. It is often difficult to know how to best react when things go wrong. This article is devoted to the concept of conscious relations with children.

Instead, if the bad news comes by phone, write down the name and number of the caller, and ask to call them back in a few minutes. In most cases, no further harm is done by asking for a few minutes to consider the situation before responding, and much good can occur. As a parent, you need time to consider the details of situations which affect your children. The turnaround of the phone call provides the opportunity to involve your child and/or spouse in the process, to make a list of your questions, and to take a few minutes to think before responding.

While it is important to teach your children the rules of society, it is also important for young adults to be equipped with self-confidence and personal courage. Children are not bad or inferior people; that they make mistakes does not make them into criminals. Your job is to help your child grow up strong, self-confident, and emotionally healthy. As the new school year begins, remember to demonstrate that you have confidence in your child. When you listen to your child, try to really hear their views. By being an adult who listens, you can help your child develop the sense of self-worth and self-confidence they will need to achieve their goals in life.

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