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Getting Well After Being Sick

Getting sick has never been fun, but it used to be a little less complicated. These days, you never know whether your health insurance will approve your health care provider, the treatment, or even the particular brand of medicine being prescribed. However, when we get sick, we are not only at the mercy of the insurance companies and busy medical schedules, but also, we begin to think of ourselves as sick. This is a more insidious source of change. Here are a few thoughts on the matter.

Restoring health seems to be a partnership between one's self and one's health care providers. Thinking of one's self as "well again" is a task we can only accomplish for ourselves, although counselors are frequently called upon to assist in regaining that healthy self-concept. In short, there is no doubt that illness changes us. Hopefully, however, being sick is just a "temporary detour" on the way back to health.

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