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Its Never Too Late To Change Careers!

Career counselors report vastly changing trends in the world of work today. In the past, workers might have hoped to begin and end their careers working for the same company throughout their lives. Today, however, research indicates that workers are changing careers about every ten years. Along with everything else, people are now "recycling" their careers. Here are a few suggestions to assist those who are trying to adapt to the changing realities in today's world of work.

Whether we prefer to learn from books, audiotapes, videotapes, classrooms, real-life experiences, or computer simulations, we can plan our own courses of study. Learning experiences are practically guaranteed to come with skill-building and self-esteem. All around us, continuing education courses are being offered because people have recognized the side of themselves which loves to learn. Whether you were one of the best or one of the worst students as a kid, its a lot more fun to go to school as an adult.

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