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What Do Women and Men Want From Each Other?

The December holidays are a great time to think about gift-giving for loved ones. Generally, we think of things we can buy. The rest of the year, however, is a time to think about giving other kinds of gifts to those we love. Husbands and wives often get caught in power struggles. Even the best efforts at discussions often fail to communicate accurately. It seems that men and women don't always know what they want from each other. When considering what your mate wants from you, consider the following.

If improving your relationship is among your new year's resolutions, try turning back the clock to view a time when things went right. Remember what you used to do together, how you used to treat each other, and the kinds of conversations you used to have. Your mate is an interesting person, and so are you. Consider, if you were strangers, how would you pursue each other now? Getting in and out of marital ruts is an easily learned skill, but it does take practice.

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