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Family Continuity

Part of the joy of the holidays is the occasion to relive pleasant memories. Holiday celebrations are re-enactments of celebrations in the past, combined with new family traditions. By including both old and new rituals and customs, families are enriched by their sense of heritage and develop a sense of pride in who they are now. This is called family continuity, or the continuation of family customs through time.

Though it is tempting to think that family continuity is automatic, it is not. Rather, family continuity is the result of centuries of wisdom being passed down very intentionally through the generations. As we move into the holidays, here are a few thoughts to consider.

Holiday seasons represent different things to different people. For some, holiday celebrations are a rememberance of the past; for others, holiday celebrations are new creations. This holiday season, I'd like to suggest that holidays are also important times to consider the future.

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