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Life is a Continuous Process of Change

I continue to be amazed at this life of ours. At times, its like a roller coaster ride, moving rapidly in several different directions in rapid succession, and complete with ups and downs you didn't even ask for. At other times, life is incredibly consistent from one year to the next, even one generation to the next. The following thoughts occurred to me this past weekend as I attended a 20th year reunion of college friends and visited family in my home town, Miami.

Among the attendees were several of us who went to college together. Though our lives had changed quite a bit over the years, our basic personalities had not, and it was easy to renew old friendships and recall old memories.

Graduation means change: a change in self-concept, change in location, change in activity. Simultaneously, one must let go of the familiar and begin again to move further in the direction of one's choice. Every graduation creates change in one's sense of self-worth and new expectations. The extent to which we have planned the next step often determines our sense of personal control over our destiny.

In short, life is filled with joy and sorrow. Sometimes life is uncertain and unpredictable, or as the song goes, "Nothing's for certain and things can always go wrong", but we do have choices all along the way. We can choose to savor the happy times, take risks, enjoy some aspect of each day and attempt another step along our life's journey. Or we can fear the unknown and rigidly dig in our heels. If we choose to build our lives, we gain enjoyment. And while its true that as our lives change we experience loss, by rebuilding our lives again, our time on the planet is greatly enriched.

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