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Father Daughter Relationships

The family is a training ground for all future relationships. My Mother always told me..."Learn how to get along with your father and brother, and you'll know how to get along with your husband". I never fully understood her message until years later when I got married and set up housekeeping with my husband. It was then that I learned about compromise, commitment and consideration.

Fathers play an essential role in their daughter's lives. Many things are learned and many things are taught. Some of the most meaningful moments in a daughter's life are spent with her father. Here are a few of the things that a daughter needs to learn from her father...

Usually, mothers serve as role models for their daughters. They provide examples of how to be an individual, a mother and a wife. Fathers, however, teach their daughters how to regard themselves, what kinds of relationships are healthy, what to look for in a partner, and what to expect of men in co-parenting relationships.

When dads are not part of their daughter's lives, father-substitutes can sometimes meet these needs, but like the motto of the medical profession says...."First, do no harm".

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