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High School Grad Leave the Nest

Graduation from high school represents not only an accomplishment by a student, but also an important life transition. In most cases, this is the time of life when "the baby bird leaves the nest" and young people move out of their parent's home. Just as it is critically important for the baby bird to be successful on its first flight out of the nest, it is equally important for young people to be successful when they leave home. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

Colleges are designed as living and learning environments for young people. They live on campus with resident advisors, and they eat communal style in cafeterias. Under the watchful eye of teachers and their peers, college students gain valuable life experiences which prepare them to compete in the world. In contrast, when young adults graduate high school and then lack a formal structure, they often "get lost" and settle into jobs, careers and lifestyles which are not well-planned.

As our children grow, we are reminded that they are not our possessions, and we cannot control their lives for very long. In a sense, we are like elevators in the buildings of their lives. We help them achieve certain levels, but eventually, they must get off the elevator and choose their own floor.

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