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Resolving to Change Ourselves

Let's face it. I'm in the business of helping people make changes. So I have quite a bit of confidence in people's abilities to make changes successfully. But around here, a lot of folks like to think they're trapped. Some of us feel that our lives are like trains, attached to a certain track, headed in a certain direction, and caught between circumstances that we can't control. And if that's the underlying philosophy, it is easy to feel trapped.

But what if that train were more like a car, where the driver can make decisions. Where would you choose to go? How would you make tomorrow different from today? Although we are realistically committed to certain relationships and environmental constraints in life, it is always possible to change. Even when we can't change external things in our lives, we remain in charge of how we feel on the inside.

As we head into yet another season of the year, its a great time to consider your next course of action. As the song in the play, "Oliver" goes, "I think I better think it out again". Fortunately, you can!

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