From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Teenage Driving

It's a funny thing about 15-year olds...they start to drive. Never have I felt so old as when my daughter stripped me of my keys and opened the passenger door for me. It's just another stage of life...but it does have the potential to drive you crazy! Parents often have a hard time drawing boundaries when it comes to teenagers and the problem of driving can make things worse. As such, I recommend the following strategy for survival when you're no longer "behind the wheel".

While driving is serious business, it can also be alot of fun. It is a joy to watch your child mature, to feel your nerves calm down over those long and grueling test drives, and to test your patience in this new and challenging way. For a short while, our children really want us to be in the car (while they only have a driver's permit). Take a year to bask in the popularity!

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