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Grief Takes Its Toll

Grief, the experience of loss, is an unfortunate reality of life. When we lose someone dear to us, we go through a number of different changes. Grief affects us in so many different ways. Although we can never fully prepare ourselves, recognizing these changes can sometimes help us cope.

I recently lost my mother-in-law. She was a woman who I admired greatly and who I truly loved. She fought a battle with cancer for nearly 20 years, never letting it stop her appreciation and enjoyment of life. She's also a woman who was widowed twice, but enjoyed two successful 20-year marriages. I often sought her advice and learned a great deal from her. She left many legacies through her actions, her children and her grandchildren. She travelled the world, was philanthropic, and continued learning every day of her life. Although her life was often filled with tragedies, she left the following advice scribbled on a piece of paper which we found after the funeral. She wrote, "It is possible to surrender to life's tragedies... without giving in". I have been a lucky daughter-in-law.

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