From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Addicted to Love

When two people have intertwined their lives and love, their attachment to one another binds them at many levels. The breakªup of a long-term romance is like breaking an addiction. Love can be like a potent drug, and withdrawal from this drug can be most painful.

Things to remember:

To cope with the emotional aches and pains, I recommend the following exercise: Like a television set, people can tune into different "sensory" channels. By using our eyes, we can pay attention to things that can be seen (like television, a house that needs cleaning, or reading a book). By using our ears, we can pay attention to things that can be heard (like music, conversation, or the sounds of nature). By tuning into our emotions, we may experience and re-experience the emotional turmoil of thoughts and feelings connected with the relationship. Getting stuck on the "emotional channel" is a common problem. To change how you're feeling, change your channel. Tune into seeing or hearing instead.

ęCopyright 1986, by Jane R. Rosen-Grandon. All Rights Reserved.

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